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The two different cover art images that Ariana asked her fans to choose from.

"Problem" is the first single from Ariana Grande's sophomore album. The song features recording artist Iggy Azalea.[1] It is about knowing you'd be better off without someone but you can't resist them and need them no matter what.[2]


  • Ariana first confirmed the name of this song on April 15, 2014.[3]
  • On April 4, 2013 she picked which song she wanted to be the first single.[4]
  • She filmed the lyric video for the song on April 10.[5]
  • She asked her fans to pick which cover art she should use for the single.[6]
  • The single and the lyric video were finished on April 13.[7]
  • Ariana announced that she would perform the song at the the Radio Disney Music Awards and that "Problem" would be on iTunes at midnight after the award show airs.[8]
  • The hashtag #10DaysUntilProblem trended worldwide on Twitter.[9]
  • Ariana released the cover art for Problem on Twitter on Apri 17, 2014.[10]


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