Ricky Alvarez is Ariana Grande's current boyfriend and also is one of her backup dancers.

Relationship with Ariana

Ricky became a backup dancer for Ariana in April 2014. He dances with her for many performances and music videos. In 2015, he went on The Honeymoon Tour along with the rest of the crew, and fans began suspecting that he and Ariana were dating. They kissed onstage during Ariana's performance at the 2015 PRIDE festival, although some people thought the kiss was just part of the choreography.[1] Ariana and Ricky were seen in a donut shop in Los Angeles on July 4, 2015 where they kissed.[2][3] They also spent the rest of the day together and watched fireworks.[4][5] Ariana also posted pictures of herself with Ricky's sister and dog.[6][7]


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