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"Ridiculous" is an unreleased song recorded by Ariana Grande which was intended for her sophomore studio album, My Everything, but didn't make the cut. It was first confirmed in October 2013. On October 5, 2017, 4 years later, Music Mafia released a snippet with tags and listed the song in an auction, which was soon bought for 0.10 BTC by an anonymous user.


Grande initially confirmed the song in October 2013.[1][2] She described the song as "really crazy" and "a bit all over the place", then said, "It's interesting melodically... It's more like gymnastics. It's like a weird melody and jumpy."

On October 5, 2017, the website Music Mafia leaked a 15 second snippet of the song and were auctioning the full song starting at 0.10 BTC which converts to 430.40 USD. On October 22, 2017, the full song leaked through Picosong. A few hours later, an untagged version leaked through SoundCloud and Tumblr.


  • Grande has said about the song "It's a great song—I love it. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it or not because there's a little string sample in it, but I want to take all the music out and do something different anyway. So I'm going to change that."
    • The leaked version which Music Mafia sold is not the song's demo version with the string sample Grande talked about, it is the final version without the strings. The demo version featuring the string sample has yet to leak.


La-la, la-la, la-la, la
La-la, la-dee-da

[Verse 1]
This love that I'm feeling
Is not like another feeling, I know
I can't explain it, oh
This love that you give me
Is making me feel things I don't know, no, no
Boy, you make me feel so good
It's so special, special to me
So good
You're the element I needed, hey
No silver or gold can make you let you go
You take my breath away
It's like you cast a spell on me
(Ridiculous love)

This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous

[Verse 2]
If I go a day without you
I know you're thinking of me
Wondering what I'm doing
Wondering what I'm thinking
I want you all to myself
Don't want nobody else
Boy, you know you're my baby, baby
All I see is you, standing right there
Looking so sexy, baby, hey
Now you got me feeling, feeling, feeling
Like loving on you, and touching you
I'mma seduce you, baby, baby
It's like you cast a spell on me
(Ridiculous love)

This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous
This is ridiculous

I love you, you love me
We should be together
Boy, boy, boy
Boy, don't you know you're a star
Hope you don't wreck my heart

This is ridiculous
This is ri-, this is ri-
This, this
This is ridiculous
This is ri-, this is ri-
Thi-thi-thi-thi, this is ri-
Di-di, di-di
Di-di, di-di
This is ri-
Di-di, di-di
This is ridiculous


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