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Riley Bina is a secondary character in the Netflix Film, Don't Look Up, portrayed by Ariana Grande.

Character Description[]

Riley, like her actress Ariana Grande, is a famous singer whose love life is constantly kept public. Riley had broken up with DJ Chello before being engaged with him. The news of Riley's break up overshadows the news of a comet that will destroy Earth, hinting at how famous she truly is.


After Riley's hard hitting break-up, Kate and Randall approach her and ask her to do an interview about the comet. In the process, Randall accidentally brings up the topic of Riley's break-up, to which she doesn't respond well to and gets angry at him. She eventually agrees to do the interview. During the interview, the reporters direct the topic of the comet away to her relationship again. The reporters ask her if she wants to say anything to her ex to which she gives a speech about her love for him on live television. DJ Chello responds to the speech and after they both forgive each other, it ends with him proposing to her and her saying yes. Furthermore, she also performs at an awareness concert about the incoming comet, and has even wrote a song about it, ‘Just Look Up’. Afterwards, she encourages others to spread the word about the incoming comet. Riley then becomes a big advocate for the movement and tells all of her fans and followers to "just look up".


Riley is an aloof and unaware character whose love life is exploited by the media. She is kind and thoughtful, though at times can be a bit assertive if someone hurts her. She is filled with love and cares about the wellbeing of the world and her fans.


  • She is bisexual - she dated her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend at some point in the past
  • She has a tattoo of a shooting star on her back
  • She calls her boyfriend Chel
  • Her fan base is called the "Vroom Vroom Army"
  • In total, Riley took 2 minutes of screen time