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"Saturn Returns" (extendedly titled "Saturn Returns Interlude") is the fourth track on Ariana Grande's seventh studio album, Eternal Sunshine. It was released on March 8, 2024, through Republic Records.


On February 26, 2024, the song was first mentioned in an interview with Zach Sang. The next day on February 27, 2024, it was announced that the song would be a part of Eternal Sunshine.

Grande had stated in her interview with Zach Sang, "Yeah, it's a really tiny interlude but I think it just sort of feels like a 'wake up' moment, sort of like a pivotal moment in the story and the "Saturn Returns" coming right before it [Eternal Sunshine] just kinda with the 'wake up', it tells you to 'wake up'. I don't know, it just felt like setting up the rest of the album in a way." When getting asked about who is speaking, she stated, "Diana Garland. She is an astrologist. My dear friend Will Loftis who choreographed Yes, And? and who I met on Wicked, he's one of the associate choreographers. When we met, it was like, the most cosmic collision and he sent me that vocal that he like, chopped and put together and he was like 'This made me think of you' and then Ilya put orchestration under it and I was like 'I hope it's okay that this is going on my album' and he was like crying."[2]


  • This is the only song on the album that is not stylized in all lowercase.
  • Ariana has no vocals in this song, aside from her laughing, which transitions into the title track.
  • Excluding the tracks on K Bye For Now (SWT Live), this is the first song in Grande’s albums to have a transition to the next track.


When we're all born Saturn's somewhere
And the Saturn cycle takes around about twenty-nine years
That's when we gotta wake up and smell the coffee
Because if we've just been sort of relying on our cleverness
Or relying—, you know, just kind of floating along
Saturn comes along and hits you over the head
Hits you over the head, hits you over the head, and says, "Wake up"
Aha, it's time for you to get real about life and sort out who you really are

Wake up
Get real



Eternal Sunshine
March 8, 2024 • 35:26 • Republic Records
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