Scooter Braun is Ariana Grande's manager. She got signed to his management in early 2013. He is also the manager of other stars like Nathan Sykes, Tori Kelly, and Justin Bieber. Scooter and Ariana are also close friends.

Relationship with ArianaEdit

  • When Ariana's debut album Yours Truly become No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Scooter interrupted her The Listening Sessions and told her the news on stage.[1]
  • Scooter has said that Ariana's tone and range remind him of Mariah Carey.[2]
  • Once when she was sick, Ariana FaceTimed with Scooter and Tori Kelly.[3]
  • In late March 2014, Ariana slipped and broke three of her toes and texted Scooter about it. He then posted her texts on Instagram.
  • Scooter calls Ariana "Ar."[4]
  • In February 2016, it was announced that Scooter was no longer Ariana's manager because their professional relationship was not working out. Ariana has never officially commented on this.[5]
  • In September 2016, Scooter officially became Ariana's manager again.


I kept seeing this girl online. And I knew she had a show that she was involved in on Nickelodeon, and I would see her at different award shows and there was something very charismatic about her. I started watching videos and I started getting blown away by what an incredible voice she had. There’s kind of a natural beauty about her and this charisma that make you gravitate towards her. She kind of has this warmth that makes you want to root for her, and that’s what you want with an artist. The fact that she has ridiculous vocal range, it was incredible and that she can do it live. She’s so little and petite when she opens her mouth it’s kind of unbelievable that it’s coming from this little person.

– Scooter Braun talking about Ariana

He's got his hands full with some of the biggest acts in the world right now. I was nervous that I was just going to be in this group of incredibly time-demanding acts and not get any help. The thing that Scooter is incredible at, though, is making each and every one of his acts feel like they're his only act. He's an incredible businessman; he makes all the right moves. He knows his music, too. The reason I signed with him is because we had a meeting at my house, and he was equally as passionate about my project as I was, if not more. He was like, 'Here are the things in your past I would have changed and done differently.' And he told me that honestly. And I agreed with him. And he's such a good friend, too. I'll call him to talk about boys. And he'll roll his eyes on the other end of the phone.

– Ariana talking about Scooter

Ariana is one the nicest people I've ever met and really just so charming. The fame came so quickly recently and she wasn't used to it and she struggled because she doesn't like all the cameras. She just wants to sing! And she has an incredibly strong Italian family and I think that is her foundation. As long as she sticks by them she's gonna be fine and that's what she does. She called me last night homesick saying, 'I need to see my Nana.'

– Scooter talking about Ariana[6]



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