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Sirius is Ariana Grande's sixth dog.


  • Grande announced on January 31, 2015 that she adopted Sirius.[1] It is unknown if this is the exact date that she did.
  • Grande posted a picture of Sirius with the caption, "y so sirius".[2]
  • His full name is Sirius Black; he is named after a character from Harry Potter. Sirius is also the name of the "Dog Star." It is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky.
  • Sirius went on tour with Grande during her Honeymoon Tour along with Toulouse.[3]
  • Joan Grande confirmed on Twitter that Sirius was now living with her.[4]
  • It is most likely that Ophelia and Sirius had puppies, since Joan got new puppies similar to them.
  • Ariana baked a cake for her mother, in the photo it features Ophelia and Sirius with a heart, looking like a couple.