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"Sober" (stylized in all lowercase) is an unreleased song by Ariana Grande that was intended for her fourth studio album, Sweetener.[1]


Grande shared a few snippets of the song for the first time through Snapchat with the deer filter on September 2, 2016.[2] One week later, she posted herself singing the song in another Snapchat.[3]

In March of 2017, Grande confirmed that none of the songs she teased on Snapchat would not appear on the album. On May 30, 2018, Grande confirmed on Twitter that "My Way" and "Sober" would not appear on the album, as she felt that both of the songs weren't "meaningful enough".

Grande soon confirmed again once more during a soundcheck for the Sweetener World Tour that the song would never be released as she felt that the song was too personal to her now, and that she wished people wouldn't ask her about the song.

On February 18, 2023, a higher quality snippet was released following a group buy for a different song in the works by fans who successfully did group buys for songs like "Everything I Do" & "My Way".

On April 4, 2023, the demo version was played on a discord call with the writers demo and protools of "Sex". The songs leaked an hour later on April 5, 2023, with "Not Ok" leaking that same night.

A new snippet of the second version was leaked that same day with some more information. The full second demo and third demo (final version) leaked on April 17, 2023, with the unfull sessions.




  • As of now there are 3 different versions in total.
    • The version that Ariana played and teased on her Snapchat story exists, but has yet to leak. The sessions have leaked, but the version with the high note has not. It’s was also said that the Snapchat version has a different production from the first demo.
  • Sober is about Ariana being a drug to her significant other, and how she would rather he "use" her, than use real drugs, but it makes Ariana, "wasted."
    • Contrary to popular belief, this song was not written about her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, but the song later on became too personal to Ariana's situation in their relationship, which made her decide to scrap it.
  • In the leaked Protools recording session files, there is a file named "Shorts" which is sung by Victoria Monét and it has completely different lyrics but is sung over Sober's melody.
  • There are 4 versions including the version Ariana teased on her Snapchat back in 2016. There’s also about 3 to 4 minute long vocal takes that were never put into the final song.


Ah, hey

You can light me up, anytime you want
If I let you touch, you gon' be
Addicted to my love, I'm your only drug
Can never have too much, so baby you can

Puff it, sip it, mhm yeah
Blow it, hold it, kiss me now
Baby when I'm with you I'm wasted

It's like we're not sober, when you come closer
Boy I know, you know, that I'm tryna quit
But it's way too lit
I’m not sober, when you come closer
Boy, I know, I know you've been tryna quit
But you love this shit, oh yeah

You can light me up, anytime you want
If I let you touch
You gon' be addicted to my love
I'm your only drug
Could never have too much
So baby you can

Pop it, sip it, mm
Blow it, hold it, kiss me now (Mm)
Baby when I'm whichu I'm wasted

It's like we're not sober when you come closer
Boy I know you know that I'm tryna quit
But it's way to lit
Sober, closer
Boy I know you know that I'm tryna quit
But you love this shit

Sober, closer
Boy I know you know that I'm tryna quit
But you love this shit
Ah yay

[Unused Lyrics Verse]
Yeah, aye, ha-hey
You been my only one
Back and forth for just too long
Like the troubles just begun
So where did we go wrong?
It's just no fun
Used to live just for your love
Now your love is on the run
I thought you'd be my only one
The only one, my only love
My only..
For my love


August 17, 2018 • 47:25 • Republic Records
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