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The Sweetener Virtual Release Party is a live event to celebrate the release of Ariana Grande's fourth studio album Sweetener. The event was live-streamed from Grande's home on August 16, 2018.


A few weeks before the album came out, Grande announced that she will host a live stream to celebrate the album's release with her fans by pre-ordering the album on her online shop. The first thousands fans to pre-order received a confirmation e-mail with a unique code to access the live event.

On August 16, 2018 Grande went live from her home in New York, fans could ask questions to the singer, have a talk and hang out before the album's release. During the live stream, she was with many of her friends and family as well as a few members from her team to supervise the event. The event is an hour long, until the album was released at midnight ET (New York time zone).

People present with Grande[]

Questions asked by fans[]

  • Will you start checking DMs often?
  • What's going through your head right now?
  • Can you tell us you favorite reactions to the album?
  • What's the song you're most looking forward to share with us?
  • What's your favorite thing about your fans?
  • What is your favorite memory from recording the album?
  • What does album mean to you?
  • Are you coming to Melbourne, Australia for the Sweetener Tour?
  • What is your favorite song from the album?
  • How did it take to make the album?
  • What does the balloons behind you say?
  • What's your favorite Harry Potter book?
  • How do you feel about the album dropping tonight?
  • How did you celebrate the Queen of Pop's (Madonna) birthday tonight?
  • What is Borderline about?
  • First song you made for the album?
  • When do you expect tour dates to come out?
  • How many songs didn't make the cut?
  • When are the lithographs being sent?
  • How excited are you for the release of this album compared to the previous albums?
  • How do fans get a hold of any unreleased tracks?
  • What was the last song you recorded? (question from Ariana's mom)
  • How much do you love me sis?
  • Can you get off your phone?
  • Can you sing the Borderline ice cream line right now?
  • What made you decide to add a cover/remix of Goodnight N Go on the album?
  • What's Nonna's favorite song?
  • What song are you most excited to perform live?
  • What would you choose between a bop or a good lyric?
  • What did you think Sweetener is the perfect title for this body of work?
  • How did you get the Missy collab?
  • Can you sing a snippet of Sweetener?
  • Which song is the most meaningful?
  • What song was Doug talking about in the Instagram story?
  • Are you excited to get back on the road to perform?
  • What are your tips on anxiety? How to get rid of performance nerves?
  • Is there going to be a Target version of the album?
  • Why don't you get yourself contact lenses?
  • What songs are going to make you go off on tour?
  • Did you write or help write the songs on Sweetener?
  • What song took the longest to make?
  • Give us the real tea, what song is the hoe bop?
  • Which songs came naturally to you?
  • What was it like working with Pharrell?
  • Did you consider naming Sweetener something else?
  • Can you tell us about the next merch drop?
  • Which songs do you think would've been Grandpa Grande's favorite?
  • What song made you feel the happiest/most inspired when you wrote it?
  • What's your favorite house in Halloween Horror Nights last year?
  • How do you preserve your voice during a tour?
  • What does Successful sound like?
  • What color is your shirt?