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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used to lay out basic information at the top of all album pages.
Type {{Album}} somewhere.
| name              = [Album Name]
| artist            = [Artist]
| type              = [studio, soundtrack, ep, remix, compilation]
| cover             = {{[Album Name] Album Cover}}
| alt cover         = <gallery>
[alternate edition file name].jpg|[Alternate] Edition
| released          = {{Date|month=|day=|year=}}
| recorded start    = {{Date|month=|day=|year=}}
| recorded end      = {{Date|month=|day=|year=}}
| genre             = [Genre]
| length            = [Length]
| label             = [Label]
| producer          = [Producer]
| single 1          = [First Single Name]
| single 1 link     = [First Single Link]
| single 1 released = {{Date|month=|day=|year=}}
| previous          = [Previous Album Name]
| previous link     = [Previous Album Link]
| next              = [Next Album Name]
| next link         = [Next Album Link]


Try to fill in as many of the details as you can. If some details are unknown, leave the section blank.


The album's title should be specified using text (not a logo), which will be automatically italicized.


Main artist of the album. If it's more than one, use |various=.


The |type= field refers to the general type of album.

Code If...
studio it's a studio album
ep it's an extended play
remix it's a remix album
compilation it's a compilation album
live it's a live album


An image of the official front cover of the original version of the album (or a reissue, if no original cover can be found) should be included at cover.


Original album release date.

Any categories for the template itself

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