Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
This template is used at the bottom of every article to denote all categories. Contact an admin if there is a category that is not included on this template, but do not add it to the article itself.
Copy and paste one of the following codes onto the bottom of an article page. Fill out all fields
{{Category|class=song|release=|album=|single=|promotional single=|artists=|featured=|explicit=}}
Release: release=released, release=unreleased, release=upcoming
Album: put the name of the album the song first appeared on or was intended for.
If it was released as a stand-alone single with no intention to be put on an album, put album=none.
If the song is on more than one Ariana Grande album (such as a studio album and an EP), put |album 2= with the album’s name following the album tag. This can be used for up to 4 additional albums (5 albums total).
NOTE: This is only for albums by Ariana Grande. If she recorded a song for another artist’s album, album=none should be used. If it was originally released as a single from another artist’s album then added onto Grande’s album, put album=none|album 2= the name of Grande’s album
Single: single=yes, single=no
Promotional Single: promotional single=yes, promotional single=no
Artists: the total number of artists on the track (if it is solo, put 1)
Featured: if Grande is a featured artist on another artist’s track, put featured=yes; if she is a main artist, put featured=no
Explicit: only explicit=yes if the song is marked as explicit on iTunes or has extremely profane language (unless marked as explicit by iTunes, words such as “shit” and “bitch” are not considered profanity). In all other cases, put explicit=no.

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