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For the original, see Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande.

Thank U, Next 2.0 by Ariana Grande, or simply Thank U, Next 2.0, is a limited edition perfume by Ariana Grande. Grande has not revealed nor has talked about this, but several sources have leaked it online. It is a special version of the original perfume.


On June 19, 2021 Trendmood had announced that the perfume was real and that it was popping up all over Walgreens stores in the United States.[1] Many others also posted about the perfume and showed pictures of the bottle, which was similar to the original bottle but the colors of the perfume's case was changed to purple instead of the original's pink case. The bottle component of the perfume was made translucent while the original was clear.[2] The scent has been noted as a cotton candy scent and has also been said that it smells different to the original.[2]


  • Perfume bottle (0.6oz, (some drugstores) 1 oz, 1.7oz, 3.4oz)
  • Body Mist (8 oz or 236 mL)
  • 9 piece beauty and personal care set (free gift at Walgreens)
  • Body Soufflé (1.7 oz or 50mL)
  • Travel Spray Roller Ball (10mL) (exclusive to Walgreens in the US)