• Hi ArianaGrandeForever!

    Thanks for the message earlier! Woud you like to help us fill out the Parent Page? If not, we're very happy to do it.

    Also you're ok with us helping out a bit on this wikia - with maybe a new skin, wordmark, and maybe adding content to featured on the main page. Let me know if you have issues or preferences for how things are done!


    Alwaysmore2hear (talk)

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    • I'm a bit busy right now so I can't. Sorry!

      Sure, but can you give me a sample of what you're going to do first?

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    • I can do the background and new wiki logo. What exactly are you looking for? :) A cleaner look? Fresher look?

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    • We haven't totally planned it out yet but we'd love to try something a little bit fresher with the design for you to check out. We'll plan it out in a sandbox before we touch the page. If you've got ideas for graphics you'd like to use we're all ears and here to help!


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    • Okay thanks.

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    • Alwaysmore2hear
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      User already attended to this task.
      22:48, August 8, 2014
      This reply has been removed
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