• Hi so I want to create ac countdown for Focus and I was trying to put the following code into MediaWiki:Common.js for the countdown, but I can't edit it. Do you know why? And if you can edit it, could you lease just add this onto the end? Thanks.

        type: "script",
        articles: [
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    • Divine won't be able to put it in, either.

      Remember the Wikia Developers Wiki hacks I made the forum post about awhile back? Because of those, Wikia Staff have been taking extra security measures—one of which was protecting all site-wide JavaScript pages so that not even admins or VSTF can edit them. It's ongoing and the unlock date is currently unknown, though if you need the Countdown code badly enough, just ask a Staff member via their wall or Special:Contact and they'll add it to the page.

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    • Hmmmm ok...I will ask the staff if it comes to it, but then do you know if there's another way to put in a countdown? Like maybe an html code?

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    • I think I remember Divine importing the script a while back, but maybe she removed it.

      If she didn't remove it, however, the HTML is this:

      <p style="text-align:center;"><span data-end="toggle" data-toggle=".post-countdown" class="countdown" style="display:none;">'''Only <span class="countdowndate">February 15 2015 21:00:00 PST</span> until "[[Focus]]" is released!''' </span> <span class="post-countdown" style="display:none;">'''"[[Focus]]" is here!'''</span></p>

      Only problem is that once the countdown ends, it will start counting

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    • I remember my javascript import also started counting up.

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    • A FANDOM user
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