• Since we don't know the order for the songs on the Daydreamin' album, why not change the "Tracklisting" section to "Songs Recorded for Album" or "Songs Intended for Album?" For example, we don't know if "The Way" will be on "Daydreamin'", but it was recorded in the period that all the "Daydreamin'" tracks were. On the other hand, there are songs we know were recorded for "Daydreamin'" but aren't going to be on the album anymore ("La Vie En Rose"). When the album is released, we can list the official tracklisting and then mention songs that didn't make the album.

    I would phrase it into something like this:

    The tracklisting for Daydreamin' is unknown. The following songs were recorded for Daydreamin', but it is unknown which are going to make the album.

    - Put Your Hearts Up

    - Honeymoon Avenue

    - Pink Champagne

    - Do You Love Me

    - Tattooed Heart

    - The Way

    - Daydreamin'

    - Boyfriend Material

    - A song sampling "Mr. Sandman"

    Some songs were recorded for the album but confirmed to not be making the album. The only one of these songs to be known is "La Vie En Rose."

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    • The reason we're keeping as it is (in addition to what I responded on the other thread) is because of what I said, of course. But, also; Ariana has made it pretty clear that she's recordded a lot of songs and, yes, they were probably all intended to be on the album, but the only two i know for a fact will be on is Put your hearts up & Voodoo Love. The other's I haven't done anything about because I simply don't know and because they were on there before i got here. It would be really nice to have a source to them, but because of all the unclear messages about the album I've done nothing about it, for now.

      (I realize that what I'm saying here is pretty much a rephrase of what i wrote in the other one, but I hope you understand what I mean?)

      Though it says in the article "In addition, Ariana does not yet know whether some of the songs she has recorded will make the album, such as "The Way" or "Pink Champagne." As such, some of these songs may not appear on the album."

      I mean, the album was intended to be released two years ago, so there might have been a lot of changes there.

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