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Thomas Lee Brown (born May 1, 1986), also known as TBHits, is an American record producer, songwriter and rapper. Brown currently lives in LA and was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an ASCAP award winner and a Grammy nominee. He has scored multiple chart topping albums while working with Ariana Grande on her first six studio albums. Brown has also collected production credits for three songs on Grammy-award-winning artist Meghan Trainor's second album, Thank You.

Brown learned from production greats Roy "Royalty" Hamilton and Rodney Jerkins, while working alongside them and eventually creating a team of his own.


Tommy Brown has worked with Ariana Grande on the following songs:

Yours Truly (2013)[]

My Everything (2014)[]

Christmas & Chill (2015)[]

Dangerous Woman (2016)[]

Sweetener (2018)[]

Thank U, Next (2019)[]

Positions (2020)[]


Unreleased (By Era)[]

Yours Truly[]

My Everything (2013 - 2014)[]

Dangerous Woman (2014 - 2016[]

Sweetener (2016 - 2018)[]

Thank U, Next (2018 - 2019)[]

Positions (2019 - 2020)[]


  • Tommy Brown is the ex-boyfriend of Victoria Monét, a songwriter that works for and is close friends with Ariana. Victoria and Tommy have often worked on songs for Ariana together.[1]
  • Eternal Sunshine is Ariana's first album to not feature Tommy as a producer.