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Total Girl is a monthly Australian magazine aimed at preteen girls. The magazine was founded in 2002, and reached a peak circulation of 80,000 copies. Ariana Grande was on the cover three times, in the June 2013 issue, in the August 2014 issue and in the January 2015 issue. The magazine also features Ariana on their website regularly.

In 2013 Ariana talked about working with Jennette McCurdy, her fans, and her show Sam and Cat.


Copied from the June 2013 issue of the magazine.

I feel blessed and blown away by the support my fans show for me.

–Ariana talking about her fans

It’s a blessing. I’m going to make the show my main focus and give it my all.

–Ariana talking about Sam & Cat

She’s the funniest girl in the world! I’m very excited to be sharing this with her.

–Ariana talking about Jennette McCurdy


Total Girl Philippines[]

Total Girl is a Philippines magazines aimed at preeteen girls in which Ariana was featured several times. The first time she was featured was in April 2013. There she talked about Victorious and her carrer. Grande was featured again only a few months after that in October 2013 with Jennette McCurdy. They were talking about Sam & Cat. The next time Ariana was featured was in March 2014 and the last time she was featured was in September 2014.