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Tyler Ford is a writer and public speaker who advocates for transgender and non-binary people. Tyler competed on the second season of The Glee Project making Tyler the first transgender contestant.[2][3] Tyler uses the pronouns they/them/theirs.[4]

Tyler is a close friend of Ariana Grande.

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • Ariana and Tyler both grew up in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Tyler helped take care of Ariana when she was sick.[5]
  • Ariana has said that Tyler's laugh is her favorite sound.[6]
  • Tyler attended Ariana's 21st birthday celebration.
  • Ariana and Tyler made bracelets, tie dye shirts and jeweled dinosaur models together for Ariana's brother Frankie while they were on Big Brother 16.[7][8]
  • They swam in the ocean at night in Florida. [9]
  • Ariana held Tyler's hand while they got a tattoo.[10]
  • Tyler joined Ariana in her special for Total Ariana Live in July 2014.[11]
  • Ariana introduced Tyler to Miley Cyrus and they worked together on Miley's Happy Hippie Foundation.[12][13]
  • Tyler went with Ariana to Rome while she was filming Zoolander 2.[14]
  • Tyler and Ariana were seen walking the streets of New York in July 2015.[15][16]
  • Ariana wished Tyler a happy 25th birthday through Twitter.[17]
  • Tyler also did an interview for Rookie Magazine (where they are a staff writer) about their friendship with Ariana.[18]
  • Tyler was in a Honeymoon Diaries Video.
  • They celebrated Ariana's golden birthday with her (when she turned 26 in 2019).[19]
  • Tyler and Ariana reconnected over quarantine in spring 2020.[20]
  • Along with some of Ariana's other friends, Tyler appeared in the music video for "Positions."


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