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The song is an unreleased collaboration between Mac Miller and Ariana Grande.


The collaboration was first brought up by Evidence (the producer) on Twitter. In the tweet he replied to a fan that had asked if there were any other Mac Miller collaborations he would want to see come out, to which he answered "Ariana did part of the hook. Dude came in and played the bass. His verse was so dope. Truly hope it surfaces one day."[1][2]

Evidence confirmed that he's not talking about "Talk To Me", which is an unreleased duet by Miller and Grande from 2016.[citation needed]

Around August 2023, during a group-buy poll, it was confirmed that an Unknown Doja Cat Collaboration and an Unknown Nicki Minaj Collaboration existed, along with a Mac Miller collaboration. However, it is unknown if this was the song talked about in the poll.



  • The song's name, genre, length, year recorded and intended album are unknown.
  • This is one of the nine collaborations talked about in the poll and one of the eight that didn’t leak.
  • The only known thing about the song is that Grande did part of the hook, while Miller did at least one verse and the bass.
  • The collaboration was mentioned by Evidence on June 7, 2022.[2]