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ariana with alexa in 2015, aka my best year ♡

about me and being in the fandom. ♡

hi, my name is claudia, and i'm a huge fan of ariana from poland. i love her so, so, so, so much with all my heart. i saw her for first time, when i was watching victorious on nickelodeon in early 2010s, and i was mostly focused only on her, because she was the cutest character in the series, and her appearance was beautiful. after this, i forgot about her until end of june 2014, when i catched the "problem" music video, that aired on polish music station, 4fun tv. i was thinking, that the song is really perfect. later, i started to like her, radio stations were playing ariana's best singles, and i was singing them with knowing the lyrics.

EVERYTHING began in the end of april 2015, then i just wanted to join the fandom, 2 days after i was listening to "one last time", this song was amazing. i started to listen more music of ariana, and i decided. i joined the arianators on april 26th, 2015. my love for her was the biggest in 2015, i was waiting for her concerts, new music, snippets, instagram/snapchat posts, tweets, etc. everything was good after 2 years. today, ariana is my angel, saviour, inspiration, star, queen, legend, piece of talent, happiness, and my IDOL. i'm so proud calling myself an arianator.

my favorite music of ariana. [singles, albums, eps, songs] ♡


  1. dangerous woman - released on may 20th, 2016, debuted on #2 in billboard 200, but blocked by "views" of drake, grammy-nominated for best pop vocal album, certified platinum in usa, ariana's second most streamed album on spotify, promoted by dangerous woman tour began on february 3rd, 2017.
  2. my everything - released on august 25th, 2014, debuted on #1 on billboard 200, grammy-nominated for best pop vocal album, certified 2x platinum in usa, 2 billion streams on spotify, seventeenth, best album of 2015, confirmed by billboard's 200 2015 albums chart, promoted by the honeymoon tour began on february 25th, 2015, and ended on october 25th, 2015, gaining the box office of already 42 million dollars.
  3. yours truly - debut album, released on september 3rd, 2013, debuted on #1 on billboard 200, after debuting ariana became the first female artist in three and a half years to have her debut record in the peak position since animal by kesha in january 2010, and the fifteenth female artist overall, lead single is certified 3x platinum in usa, promoted by the listening sessions began on august 13th, 2013, and ended on september 22th, 2013.


  • christmas kisses - ari is still on the way of r&b music after releasing yours truly, and having christmas vibes on this ep. every track has beautiful meaning, mostly love is everything, and ariana's vocals are snatching my weave, really. i'm so happy, that liz was the guest singer on santa baby, i missed their friendship so much. i hope the girls will recorda good song, until the end of 2017. my favorite songs from this ep are snow in california and santa tell me.
  • christmas and chill - ARI. WENT. OFF. the r&b sounds are mixed here with a lot of trap music/pop music, like in wit it (this christmas), december, or true love. the lyrics are really beautiful, mostly the lyrics from december, here, ari interpolates popular christmas song, 12 days of christmas. i love the mature sounds of the songs so much, and i'm saying to japanese arianators: WOW. for having the into you remix with mac here. my favorite songs are wit is this christmas and true love.



  1. the way - in my opinion, the best single from yours truly. the way was successful, and i'm proud of this. it was good to pick mac as feature, because his skills are amazing, and he's a great guy, really. ARIANA SNATCHED MY WEAVE, WHEN SHE HITTED THAT HIGH NOTE, I AM A SHOOK GIRL.