• I live in the worlds my mind so meticulously crafts.
  • My occupation is student, author, and illustrator-in-training.
  • I am no one of interest, most likely.
  • Bio "When no one else is around, I'll lift you back off the ground, and, since we came here together, we'll leave with each other now..."
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If you wanna know more about my taste in music, just take a peek at this collage. :3

Yes. You are ZEDD mad.

Fujiwara No Mokou in a chat on CC

Ariana Grande and Zedd in Break Free

Hi there! I'm KCCreations, though you can also call me KC, KCC, or a whole plethora of nicknames that I don't have the time to list. I am an active Wikia contributor who works primarily on Book and Music wikis and wikias; my two main wikis are the English Maximum Ride and Zedd wikis, and I can always be found on them both. I am also active on the English Monstercat Wiki as an adoptive bureaucrat and Community Central as a regular user.

Because my knowledge of Ariana Grande and the general Arianator fanbase is very limited, I will more than likely not be very active here (semi-active at most), though you can always leave me a message on my wall if you want to chat.

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