aka Amanda

  • I live in United Kingdom Nottingham
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is Loving Ariana Grande,Singing Ariana's songs and stalking her!!
  • I am Girl

Hi I love Ariana Grande so much!! She is my whole world!! And nothing ever ever can change that! She inspired me to follow my dreams and be like herself beautiful sweet adorable and mostly TALENTED!!!Edit

If she makes a bad desision and i dont like it i would still love and support her! I would do anything for her even die for her! The world needs her more than me!! I Love you Ariana!! Dont try to change anything about yourself your so perfect just like your mother!!!Edit

SAU MICHI ALTER MAH I HA DER GSEIED DU SOUSH DI GUED HàààBEAriana if your reading this theres one thing I want to say to you and that is: Never let anyone stop from what you think its right! Also dont let anyone get in the way of your LIFE!! Edit

===LIVE YOUR LIFE ARIANA!! fuck you mah yaaaas boiiii


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