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Hi everyone, I'm PLG and I'm very gald you found my user page! Well, I became an Arianator this year and I'm interested a LOT in Ariana Grande! She's my idol and I LOVE her so much (As a fan only, not in a weird way O_O). She's awesome, beautiful and talented. Anywas, back to the subject, I'm very happy to be in here and I hope we are good friends! =)

<tabber>|-|About me=So I was born in August 7th, making me a Leo, (Yesh, I love fire as an element <3) (And because of this, my birthday is almost coming, yay!) Well, I really want to be an actress, singer and dancer when i grow up, just like Ariana. I started editing in Wikia since 2010, at that time, I wasn't interested a lot in Ariana :( but I'm glad I found the wiki of my dreams :P

I don't have friends yet in this wiki :(

<tabber>|-|Interesting Things=
  • I'm an Arianator4Eva, duh!
  • My fave song is Problem and my second one Right There
  • I hate Math >:O
  • My favorite flavor is chocolate
  • I love Creepypastas
  • I love puppies & kittens
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