aka Minni

  • I live in that cold place
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is student
  • I am she-wolf


This Kiss - Tiffany Alvord

Hii Luvs!

You may call me Minni! or whatever you like as long as it's not offensive.
Minni av sophie3

I'm a girl and can be random, chidlish and weird, but I'm friendly and love you all!

My persona online is Minni and she's a wolf with special markings and powers. Just look at the pictures and my icon :)

~Xo MinniHowl (talk)

Minni av Kodi2

Ps. I don't do friend lists, I love you all! <3

Minni is a cream yellow wolf with dark and light blue socks on all four paws and tail. She has light blue inside her ears and a light blue nose and eyes. Her special power is electricity/lightning.

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