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monopoly is the greatest song of all time

My album rankings:

Album ranking

  1. Sweetener
  2. thank u, next
  3. Dangerous Woman
  4. Yours Truly
  5. My Everything


ArianaVoiceUB This user thinks Ariana has one of the most incredible voices they've ever heard
Sweetener World Tour This user has attended the Sweetener World Tour
Ariana & Fans This user is an Arianator since 2018.
Sweetener Artwork Sweetener is the favorite album of this user
MONOPOLY - Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét "Monopoly" is one of this user's favorite songs
Thank U, Next - Digital Version "In My Head" is one of this user's favorite tracks from Thank U, Next.
Sweetener Artwork "Borderline" is one of this user's favorite tracks from Sweetener.
Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Official Standard Album Cover "Sometimes" is one of this user's favorite tracks from Dangerous Woman.

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