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Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad b****?

– Ariana in Bad Decisions and me on a daily basis. :P


Hiii. :3 I'm Taylor and I am one of Ariana's biggest fans. :P I've loved her since her Victorious days, and I never stopped loving her. My favourite songs are:

>Into You - it's catchy. That's about it.

> Love Me Harder - the beat is amazing, the lyrics are cute and it's perfect.

> Santa Tell Me - it has a memorable melody and it's the perfect Christmas song.

>Greedy - My style; 80s-inspired music. Reminds me of Little Mix.

> Focus - the music video is her best one so far and the song is so upbeat and catchy.

> Pink Champagne - it's a really great song with a great melody and it's so innocent.

> Put Your Hearts Up - it's one of the first songs I heard of Ari's and I'm in love with it.

> Bang Bang - it's uplifting, self-empowering and really catchy.

>Everyday - I actually really like this song. I don't know why so many people hate it.

> Popular Song - it has a catchy melody and it describes me as a person.

> Just a Little Bit of Your Heart - I cried when I first heard this song. It's just so beautiful.

> Thinking Bout You - Reminds me of my crush when he's absent from school. Don't ask any further questions.

> Why Try - the vocals are amazing and it's very unique.

> Love Is Everything - it's melodic, catchy and it sounds really great.

> Adore - Ariana's vocals are incredible and it has a catchy melody.