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    September 23, 2014 by ArianaGrandeForever

    Hi guys. So as you might have read in my blog on another wiki, I'm leaving Wikia permanently. Nothing personal, it just doesn't interest me anymore. Because of that, I'm promoting Divine to head admin and Ariana to associate admin. I honestly feel like crying right now, but I can't stay anymore. It just doesn't interest me and I don't have the time. Thanks guys. :)

    P.S. If I'm an admin or rollback on any of your wikis, feel free to demote me as well.

    I'll see you guys on the flip side :) man that was lame

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    This was also posted on the Sam & Cat Wiki.

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to announce that I'm taking a break from this wiki.

    First of all, I apologize for my inactivity. I've had a lot of activities this summer (it's summertime in my country), and I hardly had time to log onto Wikia and edit the wiki.

    The reason I'm taking a break is because 1) I still have activities to do this summer, 2) School is coming up in about two weeks, and 3) I'm starting to lose interest in Wikia. Don't worry, I still love this wiki and editing, but it's starting to become a bit...boring, y'know?

    Don't worry guys, I'm definitely still coming back. I just need a break from this all. Hope you guys understand. Happy editing :)

    Oh, and if you guys remember, yesterday was …

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    New admin search

    Hi! I'd like to announce that while this wiki is going through renovations, a new admin will also be chosen.

    UPDATE: This wiki does not need any more administrators.


    There are a few requirements for being an admin. Here are they:

    • You must not be an anonymous user.
    • You must have been on this wiki for a week.
    • You must have at least 100 sufficient edits.
    • We prefer for you to have admin experience or some type of responsibility experience on Wikia. This is not a requirement, but we highly prefer it.

    What we're looking for in an admin

    • A great attitude!
    • A hardworker
    • A cooperative person
    • A creative user
    • Users who specialize/know CSS
    • Users who can come on daily or a few times a week
    • Users who can responsibly handle problems quickly a…

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    After about one year since Ariana released original music, Ariana finally released her second single from her first studio album, Daydreamin' on March 26, 2013. Two days later, Ariana released the music video for "The Way" on her official YouTube VEVO channel.

    The music video is features a more mature Ariana. The music video is more mature than her first one, "Put Your Hearts Up". But I liked the video :P

    Towards the end of the music video Ariana and Mac Miller kiss. Many fans, judging by the YouTube comments, disliked the kiss and felt awkward when that happened. Some fans, however, enjoyed it.

    I really enjoyed this music video and I think that Ariana sang it very well :) How about you? :P

    So, bye :)

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