New admin search

Hi! I'd like to announce that while this wiki is going through renovations, a new admin will also be chosen.

UPDATE: This wiki does not need any more administrators.


There are a few requirements for being an admin. Here are they:

  • You must not be an anonymous user.
  • You must have been on this wiki for a week.
  • You must have at least 100 sufficient edits.
  • We prefer for you to have admin experience or some type of responsibility experience on Wikia. This is not a requirement, but we highly prefer it.
What we're looking for in an admin

  • A great attitude!
  • A hardworker
  • A cooperative person
  • A creative user
  • Users who specialize/know CSS
  • Users who can come on daily or a few times a week
  • Users who can responsibly handle problems quickly and easily

If you'd like to be an admin, fill out this form and sent it to my message wall. Please do not send applications in the comment section.

  1. Why do you want to be an admin?
  2. Admin experience: (list all the wikis you are an admin on)
  3. What do you believe are the three most important qualities of an administrator? / What are your goals for the wiki?
  4. What sets you apart from other candidates and makes you the ideal candidate for this position? / Let's say two users are in a dispute. How will you deal with this?
  5. Other: (tell us any other information you would like us to know)
Good luck!

That's all. Good luck to you if you are planning to become an admin here!
- ArianaGrandeForever

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