I absolutely love this Wikia and loved talking and meeting new people everytime I visit, and it is so informative to us all. I love seeing the the community come together too. I hope it continues like this.

I joined theDemi Lovato Wikia a while back, but recently, hardly no-one is editing pages and the Wikia is pretty much abandoned as hardly nobody makes blogs / comments on pages anymore and it's a real shame as it has much potential.

I just want to say that if any of you are fans of Demi Lovato, or want to know more about her music and other things that interest you about Demi, could you please visit the Demi Lovato wikia and try to create a few discussions / blogs / try editing some pages or just comment on some pages on topics that interest you.

I really want to see the Lovatics and Arianators work together as both Ariana and Demi are incredibly talented and hopefully we will get the collaboration soon! Thank you for reading this and I hope we can work together to help the Lovatics :)


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