Ariana Grande's top 5 albums in my opinion, ranked best to worst.

1 Dangerous Woman

this album is at number one because i love every song on this album, the lead singles are so good. (Into you, dangerous woman, side to side and everyday.) Moonlight is such a magical and special song that holds a place in my heart and so is the perfume, touch it is also a very beautiful song. The tour is my favourite one she has done because of the iconic visuals, and how much her voice improved in that era. Her breath control and the dances she did on tour etc. Also i loved her look in this era, the bangs, her merch was the best it has ever been, the ponytail length, her magazine covers, the perfumes she released, everything was just really good which is why i think it deserves the #1 spot even though some people think it is "overrated."


i know, everyone puts this as the worst album she's made BUT i really love the vibe this album gives off. My favourite songs from this album are Lovin it', Honeymoon Avenue and Better left unsaid. I love her colabs with "the rascal" they're the bomb. This was when she first started to break out of her whole "cat valentine" character and it love how she still looked fetus, the listening sessions was a great tour even though there were only 11 shows. I love this album and era because that was kind of the first for everything, we got to see the different hair styles, dresses etc.

3 Thank u, next

I also love this album alot and my favourite songs from the album are NASA, bloodline and needy. This album came together beautifully and i really love the singles she put out and how she ended this era. The perfume bottle is super cute and her merch is alright. But i do have to say i think this album was a little rushed, she made it in less then a year but if she likes to make music then she should make music. This is more of the reality from sweetener, the aftermath i feel like its more real and personal. Her looks during this era were really good too, and the tour was amazing but i'm not really a fan of the little shoulder flaps on her outfits but her singing was really superior in the whole tour. The grammys performance was really good and i love how she finally performed imagine again but she did get scammed, great end to the era

4 My everything

This album is pretty good i love her songs only one, and best mistake from this album. Just think that there were alot of overplayed songs in the album like problem (still love that song) and bang bang. LOVE THE TOUR, and the outfits and the visuals i loved everything about that. The album is very special and personal. Her looks were very good in this era and her ponytail was created in this era, loved her lipsy items too. I don't really have much to say about this album but i think the way it was set out was kind of confusing, the songs are so different to eachother but its alright.

5 Sweetener

I know everybody looooooves this album and i do too but i just don't really like borderline, blazed and the light is coming. This era is super iconic i loved her comeback with no tears left to cry and her god is a woman music video, very cute era. Her jimmy fallon bubble gum drop look is very sweetener - like. This album is good but some songs are just not my type. The album and era is very pretty though, and i love the songs better off, get well soon and goodnight and go. It also came out on my birthday so it is kind of special to me, but i just dont have many favourites on this album. I get that it is a healing album i just think that the era was too short. The tour was good and I loved some of her merch in this era too but there were a few that just aren't it.

Thank's for reading <3

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