• My Everything is the most streamed album by a female artist on spotify
  • Second most streamed female artist in spotify (#1 Rihanna)
  • Second Woman to have 3 songs on Top 5 at the same time on Billboard 100 (Adele)
  • Third most followed artist on Instagram (Selena and Taylor)
  • Only female artist to have her first three album on #1 worldwide
  • Most vevo channel subcribed by a ex-actress
  • Only ex-actress to have more than a billion streams on Spotify
  • As July , Ariana along with Meghan T. and Rihanna are the only singers to have more than a Vevo certified video
  1. 1 female artist on Billboard 50 Social for more than a month
  • 34 Million Singles and Albums sold worldwide
  • Named 'New Pop Princess'
  • Problem is at #10 on the best selling single by singers under 25 years old
  • Focus is the #94 most watched video on youtube , Break Free is #55 , Bang Bang is #46 and Problem #33
  • Dangerous Woman is the third best selling album in 2016

Shady facts

Please don't offense. Im not trying to hurt. I'm just comparing her rivals (Talking about music)

Selena Gomez

  • ARI has sold more bottles than Revival worldwide
  • First Ariana's tour sold twice than first Selena's tour
  • Problem has most streams than any Selena's single
  • Ariana's lowest album sellings (215K) are higher than the higher Selena's sellings (194K)
  • Revival 2 months ww: 315K
  • Dangerous Woman 2 Weeks ww: 350K
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