Hey guys! Before reading , you should know that my English sucks cause' it isn't my main lenguaje.

Ok , let's start with the album name. Moonlight. Seems like Ariana love that word (she also said it on Tattoed Heart) ,but recently , she said she is thinking about changing the name of it. I heard rumors about it could be Loaded and gun or something like that. Actually i think album name is Babydoll , i would love it!

Next , the release date. On junary ariana said on her snapchat she has done the next album (She called #3 , so maybe a hint that the name won't be Moonlight). I think Ariana will released the album on march. , and also i think Ari will give us more information of the album after Grammys! Even i hope she release the next single (That is Be Alright , im 99% sure about that!) Something important to know is that Ariana right now hasn't have a manager , so until she has a new one i dont think she can release something.

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