Hey everyone! I'm back with a new blog post! And this is what I always wanted to do; ranking all the Dangerous Woman songs. Even the Target ones. Just so you know this is in my opinion so it's not the same one as yours. So enjoy. (So basically all of my favorites first then my least favorites)

17) I Don't Care - Like I said, this is my least favourite of the album. I don't hate it. But it feels like a part 2 of Wit It This Christmas.

16) Jason's Song (Gave It Away) - This song is okay for me. At least the piano was a good part of the song.

15) Thinking Bout You - One of my least favourites. But I liked how the ending went.

14) Step On Up - It's an awesome song, but it's didn't like the drums and the instrumental of the song.

13) Leave Me Lonely - Ariana's vocals are beyond beautiful. But I didn't like how this song was short for me. I felt like she can add a bridge. I wanted to hear more of it.

12) Let Me Love You - The stuttering in the chorus is amazing. Tbh, I wished there was a solo version of this song.

11) Knew Better / Forever Boy - I liked how there was 2 songs in one track. But I mostly liked Knew Better. I wondered how the songs are if they were separate. Just saying.

10) Dangerous Woman - Dangerous typed lyrics, and good vocals which this makes song so dangerous themed.

9) Moonlight - My favourite love song off the album. It's the type of song to slow dance with your partner.

8) Be Alright - This song is such a bop. The beat drop in the chorus is the best part of this song.

7) Sometimes - I honestly loved the guitar with some trap mixed into it.

6) Bad Decisions - This is a great song, but it feels underrated a bit.

5) Everyday - This song may be repetitive but it's actually great. 

4) Touch It - I really loved the synth pop and the high note parts. It's perfect.

3) Side To Side - This song is catchy and makes me dance every single time. I didn't like the meaning behind the song.

2) Greedy - I loved the 70's vibes in the songs. Also the high notes. I really hope this is Ariana's next single!

1) Into You - That would be my number 1. I loved the song and it's (one of) my favorite off the album.

And that is my ranking for all of the Dangerous Woman tracks. Thanks for reading and comment what you think about this. Don't hate bc this is in my opinion. So bye!

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