Hello everyone. It's Rose, also known as Dangerous Arianator. Don't worry, I'm not a dangerous girl in reality. So, today, I will be writing my first blog post. And this is about how I became an Arianator. This is like a story, and it will be (not that) long. So if you actually have time to read this all, then good for you. So I hope you like.

How I Became an Arianator

So basically, I'm still kind of new. I became a fan in November 2016 after I bought Dangerous Woman in October. I listened to her album and I was so surprised. Why wasn't I a fan of her before? Why wasn't obsessed with her? Oh, right. Because I was a Swiftie at the time. To be honest, I loved Taylor Swift, her humbleness and her music, and I was a fan of her too. But since I found out (and everyone else) knew about Taylor lying about the song to make her look like the victim again, I didn't want to be on Team Swift anymore. Plus, aren't honest celebrities are the role models?

Okay, blame me for doing a "stupid" thing like that but don’t hate. I can be a fan of anyone I want to. I can be a fan of Melanie Martinez, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey (tbh, her songs are slow, but she's still queen), and Katy Perry at the same time. Anyone can!

So back to the topic. After that, I heard of Ariana Grande and her elegant style, and I'm like wow.

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