For all of you who just want a little bit of Ariana in your toolbar. c:

function arianaGrandeModal() {
  $.showCustomModal( 'Ariana Grande-Butera', '<img src="" width="500">', { width:500 } );
$('.toolbar .tools').append($('<li class="overflow"><a href="javascript:arianaGrandeModal()">Ariana</a></li>'));

To use:

  1. Copy the code shown above.
  2. Go to w:Special:MyPage/global.js.
  3. Edit the page and paste the code into it.
  4. Save.
  5. Bypass your browser's cache.
  6. The link to the modal should be in your toolbar. Click it and viola! Ariana.


  1. The code won't work with the Mobile skin. Sorry, phone users. ;-;
  2. If you want a different picture or heading, just comment what you want below, and I'll respond with your personalized code. :3

Screenshot of the working code in action:

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