i've never really spoken about this before but here i go.

i have loved ariana since 2010 and i was only 5 when that happened. im now 13. 8 years i have loved this girl for. 8 years she and her music has been there for me. 8 years of happiness. people call me obsessed or crazy and this makes me so mad. i have gone through a difficult few years with family and school and her music helps me stay calm. without her and her music i don't think i would be here. although she's not really with me i feel as though she is. she makes me so happy. just hearing her voice. hearing her laughing. seeing her face. that's what makes me smile.

i love her and when she's sad i cry for hours as though we are connected.

i also really need to say thank you to her. not only has she made me happy but she has given me some amazing friends. all the arianators are so supportive of one another and that makes me so happy. i speal to them almost everyday and it just makes me feel so great. my fanpage (@grndemoonlights on Instagram - cheeky plug) is what made me find all the other arianators on Instagram and i am so happy and grateful for that. i have found people from all over the world. people who i am similiar to. people who are the samw as me. people who are completely different to me.

people moan at me because i try to look and act like her. ok.. maybe i do. but i don't care. i'm proud to say i am trying to be like someone who has made an amazing impact on mine and many other peoples lives. she's such a precious and caring angel and i would do anything for her.

no matter what i will always stick with ariana. she has always stuck by me so i will always stick by her. i love her so much, and i love having my bedroom covered in posters of her beautiful face.

so there's my answer to when people call me a weirdo or obsessed. i'm not scard to admit that i am obsessed, i freaking love this woman with my entire heart i really do!

thank you if you read all this,

fellow arianator - lexi xox

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