• LittleJackk

    If you are unaware, recently ariana instagram was hacked. reports that Ariana's account was taken over and the hackers posted multiple "obscene messages and images." Before it was clear what exactly was happening, even arianas friend, Nicki Minaj commented on one of the posts with a ~skeptical face~ emoji, suggesting that she had a feeling something was off. The hackers then responded telling her that she "was next." Her official account shared an image that read, “Islah and never run the scene.” Ariana captioned this photo with “GANG B*TCH F*K WIT US GET SHMOKEEDD.”

    Luckily, after a short while ariana was able to get ahold of her instagram account. Once she had it back, Ariana also posted a gif of a woman shaking her head and arms rapidly,…

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