Hi! Yesterday (August 31th), Ariana Grande attended at Aretha Franklin's funeral service, where she performed "A Natural Woman".

After her wonderful performance, bishop Charles H. Ellis III took the stage and called Ariana for make a "joke" about he thought she was a Taco Bell menu item.

Many people noticed, that the way the bishop embraced Ariana was weird... straight to the point? He touched Ariana's right breast.

Ariana Grande and bishop at Aretha Franklin funeral

Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III, right, speaking with Ariana Grande after she performed during the funeral for Aretha Franklin on Friday at Greater Grace Temple in Detroit.

That was very disrespectful. He is a bishop, she is a woman, they are at a funeral, was it necessary? If you defend him, do you also embrace your mom / sister / aunt with your hand on her chest? That is very strange. He could touch her back, her arm, even UP from her hip, but no, he chose to touch and fondle Ariana's chest.

What's the sh*t in all this?

There are people who defend the bishop and blame Ariana for how she was dressed. Personally, her dress was not out of place or was anything provocative. Knowing Ariana (I think), she would not go provocative at a funeral, it would not be her intention.

Ariana Grande tweet about clothing
Why didn't Ariana say anything at that time?

They were at a funeral, in front of many people. If Ariana would do something at the time, many would call it "exaggerated" and other ridiculous things. So far, she did not talk about it, and I hope she does.

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