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  • Meatgrind89

    List of created templates

    September 25, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are my created and modified templates which we used in the wiki.

    • Ariana Grande Sales
      • Template:CountrySalesTop
      • Template:CountrySalesEntry
      • Template:CountrySalesBottom
    • Chart Performances
      • Template:WeekPositionTop
      • Template:WeekPositionEntry
      • Template:WeekPositionBottom
    • Songs and Albums
      • Template:AlbumSong
      • Template:AlbumSingle
      • Template:Date
    • People
      • Template:Person
      • Template:Age
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  • Meatgrind89

    Ariana's Live Performances

    September 13, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are the list of Ariana's live performances whether it's on a TV show or on a tour. I'll try to updated this blog as soon as I can. I 'll add her previous performances later.

    Date Show/Event Songs Performed Ref.
    Saturday Night Live Dangerous Woman
    Be Alright

    2016 MTV Movie Awards Dangerous Woman

    TIME 100 Gala Dangerous Woman
    Leave Me Lonely

    2016 Radio Disney Music Awards Dangerous Woman

    2016 Billboard Music Awards Dangerous Woman
    Into You

    The Voice Dangerous Woman
    Into You

    2016 Capital FM Summertime Ball Bang Bang
    One Last Time
    Into You
    Break Free
    Dangerous Woman

    2016 MTV Video Music Awards Side To Side

    Ellen Into You
    Side To Side

    2016 iHeart Radio Festival

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  • Meatgrind89

    The twitter account of Ariana Grande Wikia should be updated everyday and also the admin is.

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  • Meatgrind89

    To admins

    April 17, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    I have a question: Is it okay to recycle not used templates, categories, pages/articles? Is there something weird would happen?

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  • Meatgrind89

    My list of sources

    April 3, 2016 by Meatgrind89

    These are the sites I know to keep always updated with Ariana Grande, feel free to use my sources.

    Official Website: Ariana Grande

    Facebook: Ariana Grande

    Instagram: Ariana Grande

    Twitter: Ariana Grande

    Youtube: ArianaGrandeVevo, Ariana Grande' (former Osnapitzari), Honeymoon Diaries

    AllMusic: Ariana Grande

    Discogs: Ariana Grande

    Genius: Ariana Grande Ariana Grande

    Social Blade: ArianaGrandeVevo

    Wikipedia: Ariana Grande @arianagrande (App: iTunes , Google Play )

    Snapchat: moonlightbae (App: iTunes, Google Play )

    Vevo Views: Ariana Grande (App: iTunes, Google Play)

    Ariana Grande Sales: (See Ariana Grande Sales)

    Ariana Grande Fan Base:

    Spotify Total Streams: Ariana Grande (See Spotify Streams)

    Twitter Fan Accounts (on…

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