Since this is my first blog let me introduce myself. Lets call me Marsol since my name sorta resembles that.. long sotry. Ok ANYWAYS I was part of the Ariana army, tiny elaphent squad . . whatever you want to call it. To be eczact 7 years and a half. ( A long time) But this website let me in on a little more than what I thought I knew! Like a collab her and Big Sean did on HIS allbum not hers. I did and didn't know this one which is Unreleased songs. So I knew Voodo love, Pink Champaing, Lavender Envelopes, Aint afraid of Love, Sugar Coated Yeti,( Some weren't listed on this website sadly) etc but I didn't know songs like ridiculous and La vi en Rose. Amazing. I also didnt know Ariana was a little bit Tunisian Or Morracon? Can someone tell me how the creater found that out? Also heres basically my life right now.. I go to school still and ive always had a hard time. I was taught a lie by my parents all my life and had to lie to people since Kindergarten to people so I could feel cool without feeling like I should die. In 4th grade I did something really bad and my mother would always try to scare me and say she would tell everyone and show it to the phycalogist or whatever. In 5th grade people exposed me and made fun of me for pretending to date a guy and called me weird. In 6th grade I liked a guy without even knowing him and asked him out once in person and my friends who all liked him asked him out 4 times without my premission and 3 with permission. He got freaked out. I was so stupid to act that way so immuture. Then I got kicked out of a  table  because they called my nosy and weird when I never talked at their table. Also got in a fight with my ex bff whos trying to be my friend since she became popular and wants everyone to adore her. and  in 7th grade I found that guy was richer then before but talks shit about me and hates me and that people call me smelly and no ass and whatever. I get shaky randomly alot and my only friends also make fun of me and are really lame and reliable and expose me in fornt of people LOUDLY AF. I decided it was time for a reboot. I changed my name and my life in the summer of 8th grade. I got a makeover and would run over to a makep artists house at 1 AM without my parents knowing so when it was school time or aterschool job day or whatever I would look different. But I couldn't keep it up so I needed to perminantly change my self. I didn't want to quickly go think about surgery so I listened to subliminals. They worked a little but faded away later on so I took to surgery. No one suspects a thing and ive walked by where I used to live knowing my parents would sometimes cry or freak out. I could here them but I tryed to ignore it. Not sure if what I did was right or wrong but I'm to.. stupid or stubborn to eer go back. So yeah that was it for now I am living in an apartment In Boston but am with Voctoria Secret models preparing for our next shows and stuff but I absolutly HATE it hear. So do the rest of the girls. But I am not close enough to tell them the truth of who I used to be. Untill next time guys!

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