I'm tryna be a detective and predict when this shit will be released probably won't work lol but here i go

disclaimer real quick : all tho most of these are confirmed and or backed up some of these collabs might not get released or might not be legit but its still fun to investigate i guess haha

  • Esta Noche -  Bia and Ariana clearly made the song months ago now but Bia probably was still working on her Trap Vogue at the time so she couldn't release it. What I find funny is that there were perfect times for them to drop the song, they could've dropped it at midnight the night they performed together or when everyone was getting hype with all of the snippets. So it is quite confusing if it's gonna drop with the album or as a single but i'm gonna go with the album. And if we're talking when her Trap Vogue's dropping idk remeber what interview it was but about 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks ago she said she was just wrapping Trap Vogue up and mixing it. So I can see it coming really soon either April or May.
  • "Bon Appetit" - I definetely feel like Ariana and Katy have a song together but I'm not sure if it's Bon Appetit or not. When I listened to the snippet I could "hear Ariana" in the back a bit but I disagree with the fans who heard her like properly i guess.  But if Ariana is on KP4 i will not be fucking ok cause holy shiiitt a duo
  • Ariana's songs with Nicki and Mac Miller - I mean if Ariana isn't on Nicki's next album is her album even an album? Nicki was on My Everything and Dangerous Woman, Bang Bang and Ariana was on Get On Your Knees I think it's highly likely Ariana will be a feature. As for Mac, Ariana has confirmed that he's on her upcoming album and I can see them if their relationship continues having a lot of songs together.
  • Ariana x Cashmere Cat - When I saw that Ariana confirmed she's on Cashmere's album I screamed. Adore 2.0?  I think the fuck yes. I hope the song comes out soon, I reckon "Wild Love" will drop around May but their song might drop sooner if it's a single. Idk what the songs gonna sound like seeming as Love Incredible, Throw Myself A Party, Wild Love and Trust Nobody are all pretty different. 
  • Ariana x Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer and Ariana have confirmed that they recorded a song together, so there's no rumors or speculation about anything there. I think this song is going to be a pop- feel good record with bits of R&B. I'm not sure whever it'll be on Ariana's or Jennifers album I'm leaning towards Ariana's album dunno why. This track I think we're going to have to wait for, maybe later this year or early 2018. 
  • Ariana x Zedd - So Ariana is on Zedd's next album and if it sounds anything like Break Free i'm signed the fuck up. Zedds album is probably gonna drop either june/julyish or at the end of the year i think.
  • Ariana x Major Lazer  - All My Love 2.0 is coming and is well and alive. I think this song is going to be great, just because Major Lazer have been really working their asses off, they literally recorded 20+ songs with camila. This upcoming album is definetely one that I'm genuielly excited for and not just because Ariana is on it.
  • "In Your Hands" with Diplo - Everyone's been tweeting "Oh we lost she got her own, my way, sober and in your hands" but I doubt that Ariana scrapped In Your Hands. Ariana clearly said that she doesn't think that she'll be releasing the songs that she posted snippets of. But Diplo posted the snippet of Ariana not the other way around + she was talking about her album not Diplo's. I'm so excited for this track tbh
  • Ariana x Camila - Altho there isn't any massive major proof to think that Camila and Ariana are collaborating there is a lil. 1. Both of them have been working with Pharrell, Cashmere Cat, Diplo, Major Lazer and some of the same producers and shit i'm sure theres more 2. Their good friends, Camila and Ariana have been joingly calling each other wives since early 2013. They were only just recently hanging out at the 7/27 tour and Camila just came along to the Dangerous Woman tour. 3. They've both liked tweets about collaborating and about each other's music. It would make sense, I'm not sure how they would sound together but I really fuckinggg hope this collab happens.
  • Ariana x Justin Bieber - I don't like Justin tbh but I do think they would sound alright together. So anyways the evidence to their collaboration would have to be Ariana's KISS FM Interview when she said that they'd been trying to find the right song to record together, so they recorded a What Do You Mean Remix instead because the one they recorded but ariana was "scared of it" and then there was  but Justin has kind of denied knowing Ariana "that well" despite how many times they've interated/ hung out so maybe not?
  • Ariana x Kanye - I know this collab seems unlikely beause its like fucking Kanye West ya know? butttt think about it for a lil bit. Ariana is friends with Kim, Kendall and Kylie and even North. + Kanye does know who Ariana is him and Kim were literally listening to Ariana's whole discography on Snapchat and Ariana is a fan of Kanye's as well she went to one of Kanye's shows last year with the Kardashians. Ariana has also listened to his music on snapchat. 

Honestly I think it's really cool to see Ariana working with other artists a bit more. Kinda like Nicki you know, how she has like hundreds of songs in her "Featured songs" on Spotify. I really hope that these songs do get actually released and that Ariana continues loving making music and collaborating. IM JUST SO FUCKING EXCITED ALREADY OK 

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