this is just a concept lol

the video starts with ariana and mac miller in a roofless car driving out to the city whilst surrounded by trees. the shot shows the back of their heads and only shows them in the last few moments of this shot, when they're hugging. ariana has space buns and a black and white calvin klien crop top on as well as ripped denim jeans and heels. mac is wearing a brownish-beige shirt with white pants and nikes.

the car door opens and we see ariana's heels hit the floor as she walks out of the car, accidently dropping one of her greedy for love notes on the floor. the camera focuses on it as ariana keeps walking ahead. the paparazzi then surrounds her and mac whilst getting out of the car. the two continue walking past them. 

the scene cuts to ariana, in a meeting room at a bank with the greedy for love money drawn on a whiteboard behind her. ariana has gold, clear aviators on she's wearing an oversized black dangerous woman tour hoodie with thigh high boots and hair-braids.  she lipsyncs to the verse & bridge whilst dropping money everywhere and dancing on the table, whilst the "employees" are still there. 

the scene then cuts to ariana and mac miller in a dimly lit room that makes the "greedy for love" money, the machines are visible on the right hand-side next to them. ariana and mac are wearing what they were wearing in the first shot. the two are kissing and hugging and seemingly forgetting about money completely. this continues during the chorus.

we then see ariana in a shop nearby where she and mac got out of the car and were mobbed by the paparazzi. ariana has her hair down and is wearing an light orange t shirt that says "love love" with denim jeans and white converses. she sings along to the verse whilst trying to picking out items she wants but can't decide on anything. she walks up to the cash register and drops her "greedy for love" money on the counter and runs off, we see the perspective of the cashier whilst this is happening.

we then see ariana and mac once again but this time they're no longer in the room and are instead outside, running around having fun. 

after the chorus the video cuts back to ariana with her braids and aviators in "the bank" she brings together some of the employees, who before where annoyed at her and start dancing with them. then everyone in the building starts to join in as the breakdown finishes and ariana runs off.

we then see ariana and mac continuing to go around the city together, whilst giving away all of their "money" and kissing and hugging. 

the video ends with ariana in the shop, singing "cause i'm so" and winking.

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