ariana is in a leotard , with a ponytail sitting on a bed next to a window and we see her outline. arianas head turns to her left and we see a tear streaming down her face. 

as ariana's voice starts playing, her "boyfriend" (an actor) opens the door to her bedroom and she quickly wipes the tear way and smiles at him. he comes and lies down next to her. she lipsyncs to the song whilst the guy starts to hug her. they start kissing but it is very forced. ariana wraps her hands around his head and lipsyncs "i'm under your spell" we see ariana's face and then the guys. he then gets a text from someone and gets up to leave and walks out of the room. 

ariana then walks into the bathroom, still with her leotard on and ponytail and gets in to the shower. the water hits the shower screen and ariana takes out her ponytail. she puts her hands against the shower and seems confused as to what her feelings are for this guy. she then continues to lipsync whilst in the shower. she sits down in the shower.

when the beat drops we see ariana with her hair completely down, shes wearing a red crop top with ripped denim jeans and white converse. she's out the front of "the house" watching her boyfriend getting in a car and driving away. she's in front of loads of red roses that match her outfit. she picks one up that had fallen onto the floor and takes it with her. 

ariana then decides to get in a car and follow where her boyfriend is going. whilst driving in the car she has flashbacks of their relationship. she seems happy during the verse whilst driving and lipsyncing to the song. 

during the chorus, she sees her boyfriend getting out of the car and kissing another woman. she starts to shout at him and he gets apologetic and she forgives him. she is forcing herself into the relationship and knows that he's untrustworthy and won't make her happy but still loves him and can't quit him. we see her and him doing relationship type of things but she doesn't ever seem happy.

we see ariana back in her room again lying down, the camera is above her as she is lying on her back. she lipsyncs the words "yeah i'm gonna regret it".

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