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    one love manchester

    July 24, 2019 by Thankusweet

    this is ofc gonna be the first thing i talk about. so we all know about one love manchester - the benefit concert for the 22 victims of the manchester terror attack on may 22nd 2017. it is one of the WORST places someone could blow themselves up as about 3/4 of the people in the crowd were teenagers. there were even some kids there like saffie (who sadly passed away). i remember i was the same age as saffie when the attack happened (so she'd be 11 now). i still cant believe nobody noticed the bomber. that was meant to be the best night of all their lives but it turned into one of the worst.

    here's a few words my friend said on the 2nd anniversary, they are pretty emotional:

    all those snatched smiles, gone in half a second. you can die ANYTIM…

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