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Victoria Dawn Justice (born February 19, 1993) is an American actress, model, dancer, and singer. She is best known for her roles as Lola Martinez on Zoey 101, Rebecca on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Tori Vega on Victorious & Shelby Marx on iCarly. Victoria and Ariana are good friends, as they both co-starred on the Nickelodeon TV show, Victorious.  An odd thing about Victoria that she stated in an interview was that every time she visits Universal City walk, she must run through the fountain there as a sort of tradition. Her best friend is co-star Avan Jogia who played Beck Oliver in Victorious. The pairing name of the two girls is often called "Variana" (Victoria and Ariana) by fans for short.

Friendship with Ariana[]

  • Victoria said that Ariana is very peppy, girly and cute when asked to describe her in an interview.
  • While doing an interview at Victoria's 18th birthday party, Ari said that all she wants is for Victoria's birthday wishes to come true.
  • DanWarp posted a video on his YouTube channel with Ariana and Victoria goofing around near the Grub Truck. He later deleted it, but somebody else posted it here.
  • DanWarp also posted a video of Ariana tickling Victoria.[1]
  • DanWarp has posted a video of Victoria trying caviar for the first time and Ariana was there with her.[2]
  • In the music video for "Beggin' on Your Knees", Victoria pulls Ariana along with her, making her follow her.
  • In the music video for "All I Want Is Everything", Victoria hugs Ariana first out of everyone in the cast.
  • Ariana's favorite memory with Victoria is when they were singing "Best Friend's Brother" on the rooftop. She said it was a great bonding moment for the two.
  • In this video, at around 2:33-2:44, you can see Victoria and Ariana socializing.
  • In Blooptorious, a blooper is shown where Victoria and Ariana are seen jumping around and laughing together.
  • In this video at 2:02, you can see Ariana and Victoria talking and hugging, as Avan Jogia approaches the girls saying that Victoria and Ariana make the little mermaid (as Victoria was wearing a green dress and Ariana's red hair), and he makes them hug again and then the girls go back to socializing.
  • In a interview when Ariana had to describe about her cast mates, she said that the first thing that she thought about Victoria was food. Also in a video about her talking about Victoria's birthday, she said that Victoria loved food and when they were filming a TheSlap video (The Funny Nugget Show), they both ate all the sour worms and said it was really fun!
  • Ariana and Victoria sang a song together in Universal Studios, Orlando called "L.A. Boyz". The same song was performed by the two in the episode Victorious episode "Three Girls and a Moose".
  • They tweet each other often.[3][4]
  • Recently, Ariana and Victoria had a fight since Ariana was tired of all the hate she was receiving from Sam & Cat, so Ariana tried to shift the blame to Victoria by saying that Victorious was canceled because Victoria did not choose to have a cast tour instead of a solo tour.
  • In an August 2013 interview with Seventeen magazine, when she was asked about her time on Victorious, she said: "I worked with someone who told me they'd never like me. But for some reason, I just felt like I needed her approval. So I started changing myself to please her. It made me stop being social and friendly. I was so unhappy."
  • Later, Ariana went to Tumblr and told her followers that she was misquoted and was never talking about Victorious; she was referring to her time on Broadway in 2008. She also said that her years filming Victorious some of the happiest times in her life and that the cast is family to her.[5]
  • Victoria recently defended Ariana on her Twitter, clearing up the beef between the two after a fan accused her of bullying Ariana.
  • In the KCA's 2014 when the cast of Victorious went to the stage to honor Dan Schneider, Victoria was seen hugging Ariana in the Blimp Cam 2.
  • At the 2014 KCA's, Ariana and Victoria took a photo together.
  • In July 2014 a fan asked her on her account what her opinion about Ariana is. She answered: "I actually think that she is a very successful and pretty girl. We may not be close as much as before but I still like her and her work".[6].
  • Ariana and Victoria didn't use to follow each other (other than Ariana on Twitter) on Instagram and Twitter until 2017 when the two followed each other on everything and became friends again.
  • In an interview with E! News in August 2017 Victoria was asked about the "I think we all" meme. She said: "When the meme came out Ariana texted me and said "This is so ridiculous! I am so sorry for you that you have to go through this".
  • When Ariana released her music video for her hit single Thank u, next in November 2018, where Matt, Liz and Daniella make appearances among others, people brought back the non-existing feud with Victoria because she wasn't part of the video. Although Avan and Leon weren't part of the video either, it was clear to the people that Victoria and Ariana don't like each other. Victoria however showed her support for Ariana and liked the video and wrote on Ariana's Instagram post: "Congrats the video is awesome". Ariana replied with an heart emoji.
  • In April 2019 Ariana had her big Coachella 2019 performance on the third day of the festival. Victoria also attended the Coachella festival with her sister Madison and was eager to see Ariana on stage. According to this article from Hollywood Life, the two wanted to meet at the festival since Victoria found out Ariana was performing. Unfortunately, she had to leave the festival early on the third day and to avoid any rumors, she posted a video in which she said: "Almost home. Back in LA. Unfortunately I had to leave early—I didn't get to experience any of Coachella day three, which is such a bummer." She continued, "There are so many artists I wanted to see. And of course I wanted to see Ariana tonight. But I know she’s going to have an amazing show, and she's going to kill it..." It is unknown why Victoria had to leave early.
  • When Victorious celebrated its 10th anniversary in March 2020 the whole cast (including Dan Schneider and Eric Lange) actually wanted to meet together to celebrate. However, due to COVID-19 it became a virtual Zoom meeting which lasted over 2 hours. The cast talked about the old days and were happy to see each other again. While the cast was simultaneously exchanging messages on Instagram during the meeting, a female "fan" tried to bring the "I think we all" meme back into play when she posted it under one of Liz Gillies's posts. Ariana got a little annoyed and defended Victoria with the words: "Shut the f**k up." Victoria posted a picture of the meeting and wrote on Instagram: "This made me happy. 10 years later. Can't even believe it".
  • Ariana supported via Instagram stories Victoria's new single in five years "Treat Myself", released in December 2020: "congratulations my friend @victoriajustice this is so so beautiful".[7]
  • When Ariana's Netflix documentary Excuse Me, I Love You was released in December 2020, Victoria watched it and posted a video clip on her Instagram stories.
  • In February 2021, Victoria released her single "Stay". Ariana liked the song and wrote to Victoria on Instagram "u killed this."
  • In honor of international women’s day, Ariana made a 103 song playlist for Apple Music in March 2021. Besides great artists like Britney Spears, Madonna or Mariah Carey she also added Victoria's song "Treat Myself" to the list. She also added 2 Victorious songs, "Take a Hint" by Victoria & Liz and "Give it Up" by her & Liz. Victoria wrote in her Instagram stories: "Thank you for including me & treat myself in your int´l women´s day playlist Ari @arianagrande !! Big (Heart emoji) #Womensupportingwomen



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