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Winx Club Nick promo

Ariana in a promo with her character, Diaspro

Winx Club is an animated television series produced by Nickelodeon and Rainbow SpA, which are both part of Viacom.

Below is a summary of the show from Viacom's website:

Nickelodeon's hit international series, Winx Club focuses on six best friends enrolled in fairy school as they face many adventures together with strength and teamwork. The series features the voices of some of Nick's biggest stars including: Keke Palmer (True Jackson, VP) as Aisha; Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious) as Daphne; Ariana Grande (Victorious) as Diaspro; and Matt Shively (True Jackson, VP) as Sky; as well as Molly Quinn (Castle) as Bloom. Cymphonique Miller (How to Rock) performs the show's theme song, "Winx! You're Magic Now."

In 2011, Nickelodeon announced in a press release that Ariana Grande would voice the recurring character Princess Diaspro on Winx Club. She voiced Diaspro in Winx Club: Enchantix and Winx Club: Beyond Believix, along with the 2011 miniseries. Ariana's co-star on Victorious, Elizabeth Gillies, was the voice of Daphne from 2011 until 2014.


The story follows Bloom, a fairy warrior who fights evil with the help of her friends (Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Aisha, and Roxy). They call themselves "the Winx Club" and go on countless adventures together. Throughout the story, they discover new transformations, unlock secrets and powers, battle against the darkness and support Bloom as she tries to discover her past.